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A way forward for SGWASA

John Mayo

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By now you must have heard, all development in the South Granville area has come to an unplanned and abrupt halt.

No more homes can be built, except those already approved. “Why?” you may ask. In a word: SGWASA.

The lack of countywide proper planning has found SGWASA at a dead end alley, and it will cost at least $40 million for them to be able to back up out of this dead end.

Grants and loans will be difficult, if not impossible to acquire so SGWASA is left with enough to do the upgrades and repairs on the WTP. However, SGWASA has been in compliance for the past few months, with complaints still being registered, therefore it is safe to predict that even with an improved WTP, and continued operating in compliance, complaints will continue.

The distribution system has not been addressed, and likely won’t. The costs of replacing miles of pipes would be staggering. So even with an improved WTP, the good water still has to travel through, and sit in those old pipes, and it is going to take years before the upgrade work is completed.

SGWASA should provide every customer with a reverse osmosis filter system. This would eliminate all complaints immediately, while switching the negative image of SGWASA to one more visionary and demonstrative of great leadership, keeping the safety and confidence of their customers in mind. It would even cost far less than some of the planned upgrades that can’t guarantee better quality water, whereas a filter can. Some residents have already installed filters, and are extremely pleased with the results.

Of course most feel this is something SGWASA should provide at no cost to its customers since they are not able to provide a safe, clean, non-smelly product on an ongoing consistent basis.

SGWASA has already garnered the attention of the media, with the latest segment airing nationally via NPR, and media coverage will continue to see what happens next. It would be significant if SGWASA could make an announcement that, I dare say, could even garner international attention in a positive manner.