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August SGWASA meeting reveals a 40-year plan

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To the Editor,

One of the many problems of the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority involves the fact that the size and status of the water and sewer infrastructure will not allow anymore home building in the area served by SGWASA.

The estimates by engineering firms are that it will take about $50 million to upgrade sewer and water plants and systems to allow more “growth.” Now we all have different opinions on the “growth” concept.

Most politicians always believe the myth of more homes means more tax income and hence piles of money for becoming the shining city on the hill. That is a myth and never works because the services needed for thousands of new homes always means new schools, new teachers, roads, full-time firemen, new police, etc. Taxes usually go up.

Don’t fall for that idea.

But the chairman of SGWASA stated at the August meeting that the $50 million upgrade would be a 40-year plan. Wow! Have you any plans between now and then? Think you’ll still be buying bottled water in 40 years? Will you still have confidence in SGWASA in 40 years? You may have you home mortgage paid off in 40 years! I wonder if you’ll be able to sell your home between now and 40 years with everyone in the United Stat es realizing they don’t want to buy here in the next 40 years because of the high SGWASA fees. Just think how high the fees will get with the newly borrowed 50 million?

Yikes. What kind of a mess do we have here with SGWASA? One public comment by a SGWASA customer at the meeting stated that the new executive director had been given a dead horse. Great metaphor!

Frank McKay