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Blessings from presidential burdens

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With the extreme far-left philosophy being pushed by the disarrayed Democrat Party, average good citizens are facing the most challenging times in the history of our nation.

Adversity abounds. President Trump is faced with adversity greater than any elected official ever to come to mind. He is bearing burdens caused largely by the leftist haters of the president, and of America.

Earlier this week President Trump, who in my opinion has exhibited unequaled coolness in facing his haters, did in a very controlled and passionate manner call on those who are so dissatisfied with our great country to just leave and go to a country they find to their liking. How much better our nation would be if those who don’t appreciate it would find elsewhere to live, and to spew their hatred.

President Trump has no obligation to carry such burdens. He ran for office not for his desire for gain, but because of his love for America and his willingness to sacrifice to defend its values and cause. Although blessed with wealth, he never flaunts it. Rather he refuses the presidential salary and gives freely of his all to “Make America Great Again.”

I’m so thankful that he has tough skin and is willing to represent all of us, who love America, in an effort to restore the founding values and standards. Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity. Out of pain and problems have come the sweetest songs, the most gripping stories and inspiring lives. Most of the great leaders of past history bore adversity and hardships that molded their lives and produced greatness in them as leaders.

In that sense burdens produced blessings. Our president is bearing an untold number burdens as he faces mobs and individuals who simply hate him because of what he stands for. For his stand, in spite of the haters, he has the support of thousands upon thousands who eagerly attend the rallies he stages across the nation, the latest of which was held here in our state Wednesday evening. The mainstream media ignore the numbers in those massive gatherings who support the president. But they do little to advise the very low numbers attending gatherings of the liberal gang. Instead the “drive-by media” are solidly with the socialist pushing crowd who are the Trump haters. Those of us who care must defend our president as he stands strong for our freedoms. Let us pray that blessings will be produced from the heavy burdens he carries in our interest. Remember, earnest prayer is the greatest weapon ever known. Let’s use it while we still can before we lose the freedom to use it.

J. Russell Capps is a Republican former member of the N.C. House.