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To the Editor,

This writer served as a Creedmoor commissioner from December 2013 to December 2017. From the middle of 2016 and throughout 2017, the former mayor found himself in a predicament.

No matter how hard that he tried, the former mayor just could not seem to get through to the three members of the “Gang of Three.” Those three members just did not seem to listen to the good advice that the former mayor brought forward. Time and time again, that good advice from the former mayor seemed to be ignored. This had to be most frustrating.

Yet who were the two board members that were willing to listen to the former mayor when the former mayor needed someone that could listen? You guessed it. This writer and the elder lady commissioner. No matter how many times that this writer and the elder lady commissioner were ridiculed, mocked, belittled, ignored, criticized, and questioned by fellow board members in the first two years of their terms, we showed that we would not hold a grudge. Now you know the outlook of this writer and the elder lady commissioner.

When the former mayor needed support for good ideas, this writer and the elder lady commissioner came to the rescue, time and time again. Unfortunately, three questionable votes from the “Gang of Three” beat two positive votes from this writer and the elder lady commissioner on many issues, time and time again.

Come the election in early November, the Creedmoor citizens need to consider long and hard as to which candidates may deserve your vote. In the opinion of this writer, all of the members of the “Gang of Three” need to go. The Creedmoor citizens are asked to please choose wisely.

Thomas C. Jackson