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Creedmoor board hears stormwater presentation

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CREEDMOOR — Consultants from utility firm Raftelis Financial updated the Creedmoor Board of Commissioners Wednesday on the city’s stormwater management.

Jennifer Tavantazis and fellow manager Katie Cromwell led the 40-minute presentation during the specially called commissioners meeting. The presentation provided a general overview of stormwater existing regulations and a timeline of future regulations that will go into effect during the next five years.

“One thing I’m sure you’re will hear a lot about is the city’s MS4 permit, which authorizes you to discharge stormwater runoff into nearby water bodies” like Falls Lake, Tavantazis said. “In exchange for that, you are subject to a number of minimum control measures.”

Tavantazis reminded the board that Falls Lake rules require a reduction of nutrients such as nitrous and phosphorus, common substances found in stormwater runoff. She said all development the city approved after 2012 — when the city’s stormwater program began — must show no new nutrient problems.

After the presentation, Commissioner Ed Mims asked the managers about implications from sanitary sewer overflow, noting that 1,000 gallons overflowed into Robertson Creek.

“Under the stormwater regulatory environment, you talk leaf collection and street sweeping and things like that,” Mims said. “We’re talking about refuge going directly into the creek.”

“All of the loading that goes into this watershed contributes of the loading of nutrients into the lake, including sanitary sewer overflows and agricultural activities,” answered Forest Westall of the Upper Neuse River Basin Association

Westall went to say that newer approaches could lesson the impact. One program, Interim Alternative Implementation Approach, allows members of the UNRBA to focus on improvements for water quality.

“Those types of projects would count as investments for reducing impact to the lake,” Westall said. He told commissioners that under the current timeline, Phase I compliance of such actions wouldn’t become mandatory until at least 2025.

Also on Monday, commissioners unanimously approved the acquisition of property at 120 Sanderford St., adjacent to Creedmoor City Hall, for $35,000.

City Manager Korena Welchel said that as part of a due diligence period in purchasing the property, a predemolition asbestos survey from Terracon Consultants. would be conducted for $2,100. Both the acquisition and asbestos matter will be brought before commissioners one final time at their next regular meeting.

That meeting will be at 6 p.m. Feb. 4 at Creedmoor City Hall, 111 W Masonic St.