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Mount Energy Elementary Letters to Santa

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Mount Energy Elementary

Mrs. Wendy Wilkins’ third grade

I want to know if Mrs. Claus is doing well and if the elfs are having fun at childrens houses. Also, elle my elf is at my house. I have a list of things I want. 1. competer. 2. Hover board- pink and blue. 3. competer cover rainbow. 4. large marshmello packs 5 packs. 5. Desk and whelly chair. I am happy to write you this note, Merry Christmas!

Love Sarah J.

Fa la fa la la la ta da!

I hope you have been doing great at dilivering presnts and not eating to many cookies you got to stay healthy. How are the riendear. How is Misses Claus. Did you know I really want twisty pet series. 3. But I really want a baby doll like every christmas. Also for christmas I just hope my family has fun at are new house. And I know most people want presents but all I want is happyness and my family to be there. What I really want is for my wiggly tooth to come out. And hope you have fu dilivering presents and toys and eating cookies but when you get home 1. Brush teeth from all of those cookies. 2. Take a nap because you will be very tired.

Your friend and fan, Paige Elizabeth M.

Dear Santa,

thank you for all you do I was wondoring code you get me 5 things for crismus that I wonte pleas. so hers wat I want a electric scoter overwach2 a Sd card for mY Swich. A comic book And last but not lest a pool tabel!

Thank you. love Haden

Dear Santa,

how are you, thank you for what you do. If it wasn’t for you there would be no Christmas. There are 2 things I want the first present id clothes and shoes because I might want to try new thig. The second thing is all my family to have a great Christmas and come vistet us because it has ben a long time since I met them.

Your friend, Eli V.

Dear Santa,

you have been really good giving me presents. I like how you gave me a remote control helecopter last year. You have been really nice giving me and my sisters presents. Santa I really want you to give me and my sisters at least just one present that we really want this christmas. Three things I really want for christmas is one plastic tazer. Why I want a plastic tazer is because I saw these kids on tc and they had these plastic tazer’s and I thought they were cool. The second thing I want for christmas is a X box 360. Why I want a X box 360 is because one of my friends have it and it’s so cool. The last thing I want for christmas is an i pad. Why I want an i pad is because a lot of my friends have it and I see them play a lot of good games.

Love: Arturo

Dear Santa,

How are things going at the North Pole? I hope this awnser is great, because I got a few things on my Christmas list. 1. 2 or 3 skeckbooks. 2. Alcahol markers. 3. A guide for drawing anime and chibes. 4. An art bag. 5. Family, love, and happiness! My list is short, but artie. I love drawing. I have a notebook I draw in. I also have pictures I’m selling to my family. I hope I’m on your good list. I’ve been wanting to get these things for a while. I’ve been heloing others, getting good grades, and most important, being KIND! Kindness is what keep the world going I wish every-one was kind. Thank you for reading this.

Sincerely, Wangari

Dear Santa,

how many reindeers do you have at the north pole I really want DescenDants Barbie Dolls and I also want DescenDants books 1, 2, 2, 4. I also want DescenDants Bed Set. Also DescenDabts backpack and DescenDants Decoration For My room is become DescenDant. How are you doing?

Love, Gracelyn

Dear Santa,

I really want Crojigo and Hotweels vs moster turks Track and a nefr gun to I can go on for ever but I really want is for my friends to come to My birthday partey. P.S. wen? is my elf comeing back.

Sonserle, Bryan

Dear Santam

Pleesy be abled to come to my house oung getus get things. also I whant for chistmas is a xbox oxle, fortnhigt, computer, sheos, and minecouft, and a new phon.

Matthew D.

Dear Santa Claus,

how are you and Mrs. Claus are doig. I hoPe your elf’s are being goos and being kind to each other. I want to know is you good are you okey because I want to know. I want to know how are your raindeers are doing. I will like to know how is the North Pole? I bet that Ya’ll are frezzing down there. How is the workShop? How is Your day doing? How many house do you go to on Christmas day? I will live to visit the North Pole. I will like to bring a Christmas Preasent. This is my 5 things I want for Christmas. 1- Slime. 2- haver board. 3 - Clothes 4 - Shoes 5 - 1,00000 thousand dollars

Love and sinclery, Sahaira S.

Dear Santa,

happy Cristmas These are five things I want for Cristmas and how is msr. cluses. Donw hear is what for Christmas please. Minecraft on my tablet. The tablet will be on the table on the Dinig room password swipe. A chapter book Diarey of a wimpey kid. a radio. A train with a railroad track.

From, Braden

Dear Santa,

iss rodolfs nose still shiningbrite? wkats new? here are 5 things i want for ciismis, hover bord, Xbox, swich, ps5, vr dome.

ps Kristopher

Dear Santa,

I love what you do you always fill my heart with joy. At this time of the year you probly fill other peoples hearts but you really do fill mine. What I want for Christmas is a new phone, another puppy if you can, fortnite nerf gun is a scary milions of habs, cloths and shoes, santa how is mrs. clas is she alright? I hope she is also all of that stuff that I said I want you don’t have to geteit because I am thankful for what I have all ready

Your friend, Caison

Dear Santa,

how are you and Mrs. Claus? I’m wondering if you are doing great! Here are five things I want for Christmas. I want some Pokemon GX boxes. I also want some lo card Pokemon booster packs. The three other stuff I want is Pokemon sword and sueeild galar reigon packs carockky scorbunny and sobble, And I want some nintendo switch games, lastly I want a Pokemon sun and moon Team up GX tag team case.

Sincerily, Jacob

Dear Santa

my name is Louie also I have some questions. How is your wife? How is your life? Are you having fun? How is your deer? are they good? I also know your secret. Anyways this is what I want for Christmas I want a intendo switch, A news PS4 gamem And a peto. I know your tired your go to every kids house. But it’s ok atleast mrs. santa gots your back. BtW I can’t wait for 2020 new stuff is gonna happen. What about you? One day I’ll be a grownup and be a Athlete I don’t know if I spelled that right. Santa your a expert and big.

From you admirer Louie

Dear Santa,

how are you on crismes eave and how is Mrs. Clals boing and I love crismes evry day. I want a Bike and a Pony tail and a yo-yo and tow moving tailbes eow Lails and I love. Do you waint to come to my house to play Hid-and-Seack witne me and I we Put Poins on it to.

Love, Destiney

Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa? You are the best santa clause. Oh yea foregot I want some toys. 1. may I have a dojo battle for five family. 2. may I have a gloves. 3. may I have a new sheows for my feet. 4. may I have a I pad. 5. Last may I have something to fight on.

From your friend, AJ