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Early voting draws 800 in first week

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During the first week of early voting for the 2020 primary, more than 880 Granville County citizens cast a ballot, according to the county board of elections.

Early voting began Feb. 13 and will continue every weekday until Feb. 28.

Of those early voting ballots, 293 were cast at the South Branch Library in Creedmoor. Another 471 were cast at the Richard H. Thornton Library in Oxford, and 120 were cast at Tar River Elementary School. The numbers were current as of Wednesday morning.

In addition to nominating presidential candidates, political parties are selecting contenders for U.S. House and Senate, the state legislature, state governor and Council of State, county commissioners, district court judges and other local races.

In addition, Granville County is holding its election for the county school board. The three seats open in that race are uncontested.

Early voting is available at the three early voting sites from 8 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. each week day. A final early-voting day will be held 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Polls will be open on the day of the primary, March 3, from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Citizens who are not registered to vote can still register, but only at an early voting site and only if the immediately cast a ballot.

Voting on the day of the primary must be done at individually assigned precincts.

Voters are not required to show photo ID to vote after a federal court blocked the state’s new voter ID law from going into effect.

To look up if you are registered to vote, who is running in your district or where your election day polling place is, visit

Who is on the ballot in Granville?

It’s not just president. Party voters in North Carolina are picking who will be nominated for U.S. Senate, governor, council of state, county commissioners, district court judges and other positions.

Voters can only vote on some races if they live in a given district.

Constitution Party

President: Don Blankenship, Charles Kraut

Democratic Party

President: Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet, Joseph R. Biden, Michael R. Bloomberg, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, John K. Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Amy Klobuchar.

U.S. Senate: Erica D. Smith, Steve Swenson, Cal Cunningham, Trevor M. Fuller, Atul Goel.

U.S. House of Representative District 4: David E. Price, Daniel Ulysses Lockwood.

N.C. Governor: Ernest T. Reeves, Roy Cooper

N.C. lieutenant governor: Allen Thomas, Bill Toole, Terry Van Duyn, Chaz Beasley, Yvonne Lewis Holley, Ron Newton.

N.C. Auditor: Luis A. Toledo, Beth A. Wood.

N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture: Walter Smith, Jenna Wadsworth, Donovan Alexander Watson.

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction: Keith A. Sutton, James Barrett, Constance (Lav) Johnson, Michael Maher, Jen Mangum.

N.C. Treasurer: Dimple Ajmera, Ronnie Chatterji, Matt Leatherman.

N.C. District Court Judge District 09 Seat 02: Katherine Burnette, R. Brian Cloninger.

Granville County Board of Commissioners District 1: Zelodis Jay and N. Annette Parham Myers.

Granville County Board of Commissioners District 5: Donnie Boyd, Robert Way.

Green Party

No contested races.

Libertarian Party

President: James Orlando Ogle, Steve Richey, Kim Ruff, Vermin Supreme, Arvin Vohra, Max Abramson, Ken Armstrong, Dan Behrman, Kenneth Blevins, Souraya Faas, Erik Gerhardt, Jedidiah Hill, Jacob Homberger, Jo Jorgensen, Adam Kokesh, John McAfee.

Republican Party

President: Donald J. Trump, Joe Walsh, Bill Weld.

U.S. Senate: Thom Tillis, Paul Wright, Larry Holmquist, Sharon Y. Hudson.

U.S. House of Representative District 4: Debesh Sarkar, Steve A. (Von) Loor, Robert Thomas, Nasir A. Shaikh.

N.C. Governor: Dan Forest, Holly Grange.

N.C. Lieutenant Governor: John L. Ritter, Mark Robinson, Scott Stone, Andy Wells, Buddy Bengel, Deborah Cochran, Renee Ellmers, Greg Gebhardt, Mark Johnson.

N.C. Attorney General: Jim O’Neill, Sam Hayes, Christine Mumma.

N.C. Auditor: Anthony Wayne (Tony) Street, Tim Hoegemeyer.

N.C. Commissioner of Insurance: Ronald Pierce, Mike Causey.

N.C. Commissioner of Labor: Chuck Stanley, Josh Dobson, Pearl Burris Floyd.

N.C. Secretary of State: E.C. Sykes, Chad Brown, Michael LaPaglia.

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction: Catherine Truitt, Craig Horn.

Granville County Board of Education

This nonpartisan election is uncontested.

District 1: Ethel J. Anderson.

District 2: Tom Houlihan.

District 6: Amanda J. LaBrecque.