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Eye on Ag: What is 4-H?

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Have you heard of Granville County 4-H? What about NC Cooperative Extension?

4-H provides youth with numerous opportunities to develop valued skills within leadership, citizenship, career and more. 4-H can help your child grow confidence and independence, and provide them with opportunities to travel and have fun. 4-H is the largest youth organization in the nation reaching millions of youth in all areas from rural to urban.

4-H formed its first club over 100 years ago. The club acted as a way for universities to teach new agricultural practices to children who were open to new ideas and practices that would in turn teach the adults who were not as readily open to accepting new practices. 4-H is implemented through Cooperative Extension which is operated through the nation’s Land-Grant University System in partnership with the federal, state, and local governments. North Carolina Cooperative Extension is the mission of N.C. State and N.C. A&T universities to enrich the lives, land and economy of North Carolinians.

Why 4-H?

4-H implements hands-on learning projects that are facilitated within a positive environment that involve topics like health, science, citizenship, agriculture and more. The result of this program is that youth will have the opportunity to further develop skills in leadership and citizenship, and other important life skills such as goal setting and problem solving. According to research from the national 4-H program, 4-Hers are more likely to give back to their communities, make healthier choices and participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities.

Who is 4-H for?

Granville County 4-H serves youth ages 5-18, and there is something for every interest. Whether your child is interested in arts, animals or airplanes, we have a way to meet your child’s needs. 4-H clubs and other activities are implemented by not only the county 4-H agent, but by screened and trained adult volunteers who develop youth/adult partnerships with participants within the program. Through these partnerships, youth and adults plan, work, learn and lead together.

How much does it cost to be a 4-H member?

Granville County 4-H is free to join. Some programs may require registration fees. Thanks to Granville County United Way Foundation we are able to provide programs at minimal or no cost.

What does Granville County 4-H offer youth?

Granville County 4-H offers a variety of opportunities for youth to participate in. Some of these opportunities include clubs, camps, summer programs, special interest programs and more. There are currently several community clubs that meet on a regular basis. The clubs explore interests ranging from animals to electricity to community service. You can even start your own club if you have five youth from at least three different families and a willing adult volunteer.

We also offer an exciting Summer Fun Program which is a great way to participate in a variety of 4-H activities that are fun and educational. More information about Summer Fun will be posted in April on our website and Facebook page.

Other ways to get involved with 4-H include participating in presentations, projects, Horse Bowl & Hippology competitions, Electric Congress, the N.C. State Fair, 4-H Summer Camp, and many more. A great thing about 4-H is that a child can be involved as much or as little as desired. Although with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out of it. Active 4-H members who participate year after year can benefit by creating a portfolio which is a valuable resource when applying for jobs or college applications.

How can adults participate in 4-H?

Adult volunteers are what make a successful 4-H program possible. In Granville County we have a wonderful group of volunteers that make this program great. 4-H volunteers can teach a subject matter of expertise, lead or co-lead a club, organize events, judge county presentations, lead fundraising events, work 4-H booths, market 4-H events, and more.

How can you follow Granville County 4-H?

Join our email list by contacting the 4-H Agent Emily Roberts Vickery at Visit our website: Visit our Facebook page: Granville County 4-H. Call 919-603-1350. Visit 125 Oxford Outer Loop Road, Oxford.