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Granville County: Enjoy these last good days

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To the Editor,

Although an argument can definitely be made that mankind is approaching its last few days, this is not what I refer to in my headline; rather, I speak of saying “goodbye” and farewell to that wholesome, quiet, traffic- and congestion-free lifestyle many Granville residents have come to embrace and adore.

And why not, quality of life ranks at the top of most people’s priorities, and where one lives has significant impact on one’s quality of life.

Although born in Granville, I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for some 20-plus years and witnessed firsthand how paradise was transformed into a busy, congested concrete jungle in no time flat.

Bigger and more is not always better, and in most cases, offers just the opposite. Crime, noise, pollution and traffic increase while finding a place of solitude becomes more of a dream. Why these statements you may ask?

It is apparent Granville County leaders are intent on having the new headquarters for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services relocated to Granville. That means approximately 2,000-plus more individuals driving through the area each day to reach their new destination, many using Highway 50, and some may eventually decide to relocate.

What that means for area residents is traffic coming to a crawl at peak hours, more pollution, wear and tear on our roads, more trash thrown on our roads and accidents likely increasing, just to mention a few. In short, no more lazy, carefree days of moving through the county.

Progress is always a good thing; growth, however, is not, and they do not have to exist together. Progress means improvement — growth means more, and our local leaders don’t seem to understand the difference, or perhaps they think the area is inadequate and in need of more.

I say just improve on what we have because the main reason people end up living in this area is because they enjoy the small-town atmosphere, something that is increasingly more rare to find. Once that is gone, it is gone forever. Therefore, enjoy these last good days.

John Mayo