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Granville schools and children could benefit from adding The First Tee

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To the Editor,

If you have children in school, you are likley already familar with the challenges teachers and students meet every day in their attempt to teach and learn.

One of the major ones being, disruptive students, resulting from bad behavior. It’s tough to focus on a lesson when someone is creating distractions resulting from behavior issues. Often you can trace the bad behavior to a home which lacks adequate or focused parenting. In short, children do not arrive at school with the proper understanding of basic social skills, and thus resort to acting up rather than tuning in.

While there is no substitute for good parenting, the nationally acclaimed The First Tee program has proven to be a successful tool to aid in the area of instilling basic life skills into youth. The program seeks to instill desirable social and life skills using the game of golf, which requires those skills in order to be successful. Key thing to remember, that even if the child never masters or displays great golf skills, they still walk away with important life skills, and the program does not require a golf course to be implemented, nor is there any additional cost to the students or parents.

A child who enters and completes the program will emerge more confident, focused and ready to take on the world.

I am currently seeking to establish dialogue between our school officials and the progam with hopes it can be added to our school system. Our youth and teachers will benefit, which means, so too will our community. Strong individuals make up strong communities, which make for a stronger state and thus a stronger nation. Contact our teachers and officials and help make a difference with our youth and our fututre.

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John Mayo