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In response to the city sidewalk and complaining

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To the Editor,

Dear everyone who will listen, my name is Donna Currin (I am no writer) and I have lived within the city limits of this great city for 46 years. I have been a resident of Granville County for 63 years and I have huge shout-outs to the below.

I have a very special thank you to “JJ” Juan Flores with Fred Smith Company, the driver and operator. He’s always so pleasant and professional. Just to show you how awesome he and the company are, he came to me and told me he had to dig up my 30-plus-year-old rose bushes/road sign/my landscaping and offered to replant for me. All of their employees have been nothing but awesome, professional.

Now to the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority: My understanding that due to the equipment weight/vibrations/age of the water lines it caused joint fracture. These guys are in 100-degree hot, humid days digging with shovels. So often down on their hands and knees. Yes, I have stopped by to chat with them couple of times just to tell them how very much I do appreciate their extreme hard work. Yes there were days I had no water too.

Now I know that SGWASA has had all this horrible/hostile publicity, aired in the local newspaper, our homes, coffee shops, barbers/beauty shops, local businesses — probably all the way to Butner and back. Complaints to the police department. People flying off the deep end. People don’t forget, we did vote for the sidewalk and you did most likely received the compensation for the right away to your land.

Next time while in your nice, air-conditioned cars/truck, observe how hard these people are really working for us. The beautification/hunger for continued growth of our great city. Next time you want to complain stop and observe and tell them how much you appreciate them. Hey, take them some ice cold bottles of water!

Donna Currin