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Is the SGWASA board worth keeping?

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Let’s look at some of the “facts.”

1. This board’s lack of planning just brought the Butner Gateway project, and all development in the South Granville area to a halt. How that happened with board members Smoak and Karan also being county commissioners since 2010 is puzzling.

2. This board operated for 13 years without a job description for the position (executive director) they supposedly oversee.

3. This board knew so little about the ED position, they had to hire an outside firm to compose a job description.

4. The same board also “hired” an outside company to recruit an ED. One qualified individual could have handled points 2, 3 and 4.

5. This board has operated 13 years without once conducting a customer survey to determine the level of service and quality of water they provide.

The SGWASA board is now engaging our county manager as “interim director,” someone who should actually be “in charge” anyway, or each town’s city/town manager. Water quality affects towns and the county. I understand one applicant for the ED position made a counter offer to SGWASA, probably wanting more money. The SGWASA board gets paid a total of $28K per year ($4,000 each for seven board members). If $28K could be added to the ED salary offer, SGWASA could hire a “top professional” with the skills, resources, contacts, etc. to administer a challenging operation.

SGWASA needs to be led and guided by individuals with expertise, knowledge of current technologies and trends, and the ability to seek and find sources of funding. The current board is more of a “rubber stamp” entity than one composed of “abundant experience” and therefore is not a wise investment of our money.

Our three mayors need to come together and address the obvious. The manner in which SGWASA has been operating has not proven to be in the best interests of the area or its residents. It’s been 13 years, it’s time for a change.

The world is rapidly changing, and we either keep up or get left behind.

John Mayo