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To the Editor,

I recently sent the note below to the mayors of Creedmoor, Butner and Stem.


I urge you to look at this link to a City of Raleigh news piece.

It is an article showing that the city of Raleigh is leaning very far forward showing a great deal of foresight about what their water future is going to look like. This makes their water future much more sustainable.

They have solved future potential water availability problems by obtaining an additional allocation of Falls Lake drinking water from the Army Corps of Engineers, taking them safely up to the year 2047.

The nature of this serious planning action in Raleigh has some deep meaning for local southern Granville water problems -- perhaps water problems of a different nature. But is does suggest what local leaders can do when problems are staring utility customers in the face. As the mayor of Raleigh says in the article, ‘A big part of our job on Council is looking to the future.’

And the article points out the importance of partnerships, comprehensive studies, and champions and active boards of commissioners for solving community problems involving utilities. Solving water/sewer quality and allocation problems provides for the future growth of cities and its people. The same kind of top-notch planning seen in Raleigh can of course also be used to solve financial problems as well as water quality problems. Huge numbers of people in southern Granville buy bottled water; they do this because they state their water smells and tastes bad.

I hope you will gain some good insights from the article on Raleigh’s step into the future, particularly in the sense of general leadership and planning.

Of course, it has not escaped my notice that the 22 million additional gallon allocation received by Raleigh might have other possible implications for southern Granville. Think big.”

Frank McKay