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Please recognize correctional staff as law enforcement

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To the Editor,

A couple of weeks ago the paper provided a thank you to law enforcement in the community stressing the need to thank both those who were police officers and sheriff’s deputies.

However, as I read the paper and so appreciate the commentary praising the work of most police officers and sheriff deputies, I did not see one comment regarding the many correctional workers who work in Granville County.

Be it the county jail, Polk Correctional Institution or the Federal Correctional Complex there are more than 2,000 correctional workers who work hard to protect the public. There has been an argument by some that correctional workers are not law enforcement.

While not the same as police officers or sheriff’s deputies, there is no doubt, these men and women are law enforcement, if not formally, by work they do. Currently, only those who are federal correctional workers are considered law enforcement. Although some in the sheriff’s department may also be “sworn” there is a movement to give the same classification to state correctional officers and was a recommendation of the Prison Reform Advisory Group of the Department of Public Safety.

The purpose of this short missive is to ask the paper to pay the same level of tribute to the more than 2,000 correctional workers who work in the county as they provided to police officers and sheriff’s deputies recently.

Art Beeler