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Repetitiveness on this opinion page

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To the Editor,

I’m nobody telling everybody about 3-4 men who participate in the editorial page in the Butner-Creedmoor News and the Oxford Ledger.

That is just for them: They irritate the heck out of me. John Mayo must not do anything but sit and think about what negative and condescending things he can write about the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority.

We the people understand they have a problem. According to Frank McKay, the water pipes are more than 77 years old.

Now why not just sit down, be quiet, and allow the proper committee for SGWASA (people who do matter) do their part for cleaning up the negligence of the maintenance over all these 77 years. Whose fault is that and why is it now up to SGWASA committee to correct it?

We the people are sick and tired of hearing your useless opinion about something you have no control over.

May God bless the people with SGWASA — these are the people we should be praying for.

Barbara Currin