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SGWASA board member proves my point

In response to the city sidewalk and complaining

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To the Editor,

For some time, myself, along with several others, have put forth the argument that the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority is little more than a bureaucratic, redundant, money-draining entity.

In short, they are not really needed in order for the executive director and the hardworking employees to accomplish their respective tasks. Board member Archer Wilkins provided proof of that in the most recent SGWASA board meeting when he made an odd request to the new executive director to “share all future information on the Joe Peed Pump Station with the board.”

Really? Does he actually feel someone with the administrative experience of the new executive director needs to be “told” what to do? His “request’ appeared to stem from inquires made by the Creedmoor mayor and Commissioner Ed Mimms at their last meeting, where they obviously wanted specific information that Wilkins did not offer.

At that meeting he also made a bold statement that “SGWASA was not broke,” although they certainly do not have the $50 million needed to upgrade/repair the sewer portion of the system, which includes the Joe Peed Station, so either he is playing politics or doesn’t fully understand the situation. Even Board Chairman Edgar Smoak recently declared, “$50 million is a lot of money for SGWASA or even Butner or Creedmoor to come up with.”

The entire board needs to be dissolved. They have no knowledge or experience in securing much needed funding, not to mention the fact that their salaries could be better used to hire a true professional to assist the executive director. So it begs to question: Just why are they needed?

When a private company or a family has money issues, the first thing done is taking an account of where cuts can be made in order to have a more efficient budget. With the millions of dollars needed to repair and upgrade our old system, the same needs to be done with the SGWASA board.

This is 2019, and they think and operate as if it’s 1919. Some changes need to be made.

John Mayo