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The story of Tigger and Elsa: Local author pens new book

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OXFORD Granville County native Cameron Pendergraft’s new book features the story of Tigger, a funny-looking dog and a new playmate, Elsa, in a book called, “The Story about Tigger and Elsa.”

“The Story about Tigger and Elsa” is a sequel to Pendergraft’s first book and depicts how love and patience makes a difference in the lives of pets from an animal shelter. “The Story about Tigger and Elsa” is a true story, Pendergraft said.

Having grown up on a farm just outside of Oxford, Pendergraft said they always had dogs, cats and almost a menagerie at times.

“There were always strays being dropped off and my father never turned away an animal. I got my love of animals from him,” she said.

Pendergraft said they adopted Tigger from an animal shelter and her two oldest grandchildren, who were 3 years old at the time, did not understand what it meant that Granny and Paw-Paw had adopted a dog from the animal shelter.

Pendergraft, a former preschool teacher, used her creativity for storytelling and put pen to paper to create the story of how they adopted Tigger. She said she read the story over and over to the grandchildren.

Her children encouraged her to get the first story published and she reached out to Paws and Claws Publishing LLC.

“I was at a book festival in Danville, Virginia and Elsa was brought in with a group of dogs from their local shelter and I fell in love with her,” she said. “We ended up adopting Elsa and the story is true about how Tigger adjusted to having Elsa brought into our home.”

Elsa had seen hard times early in her life having lost one of her legs and not having the best disposition, but with time the two bonded after an incident that changed things forever.

Pendergraft has traveled all around reading her books to children. She has made stops at West Oxford, C.G. Credle, and Joe Toler-Oak Hill elementary schools, to name a few.

“I love to read to children, as a former teacher, it gives me the opportunity to be with students again,” she said. “The K-3 children really enjoy learning about Tigger and Elsa.”

To learn more about Tigger, Elsa and Cameron Pendergraft, visit the author’s Facebook page at “Meet the Author: Cameron Pendergraft.” The latest book is available online and at Nan’s Fashions in downtown Oxford. She is scheduling a reading there this month, but the date is yet to be determined.

Pendergraft has a reading scheduled at Thornton Library in Oxford on Sept. 21. She also schedules other readings through the Facebook page.