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Vile and ignorant people

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During the March 5 Creedmoor board meeting Archer Wilkins reported upon several reasonable topics, then moved into the “Vile and Ignorant People” sermon. Please refer to the Creedmoor audio from 55:40 to 58:35.

“Lastly Mr. Mayor, I would like to make an observation.

Vile and ignorant people often suffer from low self-esteem and lack any form of decency, upbringing, common sense and character.

Vile and despicable people seek to build themselves up by weak and futile attempts to tear others down.

In doing so, these type of people often lack a granular understanding of actual facts.

Often, these type of people lack the moral compass humanity demands.

Having been sifted from the very underbelly of society and seem to have no problem using age discrimination and sometimes racial discrimination against several African-American public figures.

By doing so, they attack people who stand for decency, truth and a love of their communities.

These type of people may even possess college education, but lack the prudent ability to establish facts that are accurate and therefore as my mother often referred to them as ‘educated fools.’

These type of people cannot see the issues they themselves hold, and often themselves confused, dumbfounded, asinine, and foolish, and suffer the spiritual problem of having scales over their eyes.

Vile and ignorant people walk around without benefit of any social skills, and lack the capacity of delivering an original thought, but they do not possess the capability of thinking rationally on their own.

It is amazing that the politics of hate that so permeates our society, particularly at the national level, finds it way down here to the local level.

These type of unenlightened, insensible, backward thinking people have no business in any leadership role in our community, whether those roles be in private or public sector, whether those roles be elected or appointed.

Vile and ignorant people are a cancer in our community ... .”

You make the call as to whether this “sermon” was an appropriate message to deliver at a city of Creedmoor meeting.

Thomas C. Jackson