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Volleyball officials usher in a new season

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STEM While summer workouts are just about over for the student-athletes, it is time for the officials to get to work to learn about the rules changes and new mechanics for the game of volleyball.

Longtime coach, official and Tri-County Athletic Officials Association Supervisor Ronald Edwards recently led the Tri-County officials through several portions of a NCHSAA-mandated training session that included discussions about players being ejected and pregame routines.

Edwards said only three volleyball players were ejected from a game in 2018 in North Carolina. The ejections were for taunting, fighting and disrespecting an official.

Edwards told the officials in attendance they must arrive 30 minutes prior to the game and one of the first things they needed to do is find out who the game day administrator is. The administrator is responsible for handling any disruptions outside the scope of the game and does not include the officials.

Arthur Harris, the Tri-County volleyball clinician, reviewed new libero uniform regulations and went over several other rules changes, including several hand signal mechanics.

Edwards reminded everyone that they would be tested at the end of the mandated six clinics and have hands-on training at scrimmages.

Each official must score at least 75 on the test in order to be assigned to a game. The officials must score above an 80 to receive a postseason assignment.

Chris Summerlin, an administrator for Tri-County, met with the six new volleyball officials to see if they had any questions and to go over the requirements for official uniforms.

The local officials will have a state meeting on July 29 at Granville Central High School. Volleyball coaches will also attend the meeting and there will be a Q&A period about the new rules.