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To the Editor,

Transparency is the one factor that deep down the citizens demand of elected officials. Yet do the current Creedmoor elected officials demonstrate transparency to the Creedmoor citizens? The answer could be no.

Please refer to the “closed session” minutes of Jan. 17, 2017 and “open session” minutes of April 4, 2017. Both sets of minutes discuss the topic of the disposition of the 8-acre parcel next to the Tar River that Creedmoor purchased in 2013.

That parcel was to serve as a site to discharge treated effluent processed at the proposed Waste Water Treatment Plant for Creedmoor. That utility project was never constructed, and SGWASA has expressed no interest in acquiring the 8-acre parcel. That parcel may be useless for other purposes, as it is basically all “cliff.” What further need has Creedmoor for this 8-acre parcel along the Tar River is a good question.

The current tax value is $31,368. Creedmoor paid $150,000 in 2013, as Creedmoor needed that property as a discharge site. The next door neighbor offered $165,000 to purchase the parcel, twice. This was an opportunity for Creedmoor to get its money back, and this opportunity was squandered, twice, by three Creedmoor politicians.

At the end of the “open session” minutes of April 4, 2017, the former mayor let the cat out of the bag in “open session” concerning the previous “closed session” by stating “the board considered a motion by Commissioner Mims, seconded by Commissioner Jackson, to accept an offer from Mr. Jim Blaine to purchase city-owned property on Cannady Mill Road. The motion failed two to three.”

What about the release of the “closed session” minutes of April 4, 2017? Those “closed session” minutes have not been approved for release, thus are still sealed for almost two years. What are three Creedmoor politicians afraid of? Might the release of those “closed session” minutes be detrimental to the political careers of three Creedmoor politicians?

Three Creedmoor politicians need to fear the Creedmoor citizens. The word on the street is that the Creedmoor citizens will indeed choose wisely during this election cycle.

Thomas C. Jackson