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When the ‘right man’ for the job is a woman

Local elections matter; make an informative vote

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To the Editor,

With local and national elections approaching, and each having several women running for office, my title is worth considering, especially on the local scene. Here’s why.

For years, Granville County and its respective towns have been led and run by men, mostly older white men. Recently, however, Oxford elected its first female mayor, and although she endured some “rough handling” from some of her commissioners, she persevered, and seems to be doing some good things for Oxford.

In Butner, I still recall then, Mayor Vickie Cates (now Vickie Hicks Daniels), being the first person sitting on the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority board, who responded to my public push of SGWASA. Additionally, when Linda Jordon was SGWASA board chairwoman, she made attempts at improving the communication between SGWASA and its customers.

Moral of story: women seem to be more dedicated to performing their responsibilities with more diligence and dedication than men, who tend to adopt the “good ole boy” mentality and cover each other’s back. The recent details revealed regarding local development having to be stopped due to the lack of SGWASA having its act together is a perfect example of “things gone wrong” with the “local boys” being in control, or the schools having to be closed due to the presence of mold. Mold does not spring up overnight, so those in charge failed.

This election, women running for office need to be seriously considered. Maybe it’s the nurturing instinct they possess, or maybe they’re just better at being honest leaders, but whatever the case, the facts speak for themselves, and they will have my vote.

John Mayo