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Why do you throw out trash?

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To the Editor,

You do not help Butner by throwing out trash along the road and into yards. This has to stop. You can put your trash in the trash can where you buy your food.

When you throw trash into yards that means we as older persons cannot bend over to pick up the trash. When you throw out trash in the yard it makes the yard look ugly. So, when you are older and you see that trash it is harder for us and we do not like ugly yards. I would like to know if you throw out trash in your yard too.

Please this has got to stop. Then when there are older people working and then come home to a bag of trash along the side of your home that is not good because that person is tired and has to cook dinner. So please keep your trash until you get home and stop trashing everyone’s yards.

I wonder when we have people traveling in our area what they think of our town with all that trash.

Carolyn Overton