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LETTER: Yarborough all talk, no action on SGWASA

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I recognize Larry Yarborough is a politician; however, I think he allowed his political blood to spill over and cause him to perpetrate a shameful act. In his last letter to the editor (“Cooper let down SGWASA on grants,” Jan. 31) Yarborough attempts to blame Gov. Cooper for vetoing a bill that contained some language in it that might have helped the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority (emphasis on the word “might”) and thus connecting the two together.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Cooper vetoed the budget because it fell short on what he wanted for the state regarding Medicare, health care and better pay for our educators. To be honest, I seriously doubt the governor has spent much time or energy reflecting on SGWASA. Cooper inherited a set of circumstances that occurred long before he became governor and it will take millions of dollars to resolve — money needed by the State for numerous other items. In short, he has bigger fish to fry.

I focused the past four years on everything SGWASA and spearheaded the community-driven pressure upon SGWASA, and I can personally say, I’ve not heard Yarborough’s voice speak very loudly for SGWASA since I contacted him four years ago about the matter.

He came to the first community meeting, and after that, silence, except for the occasional op-ed he submits to our local newspapers to promote his political standing. In short, Yarborough is clearly playing politics by exploiting the unfortunate situation South Granville residents find themselves in dealing with SGWASA. Shameful!

South Granville residents and SGWASA need help, not rhetoric. If you would really like to do something that has substance, work with Sen. Mike Woodard to secure the $600,000 that Sen. Floyd McKissick wrote into the Budget to supply SGWASA customers with individual water filters. Many area residents have already begun to install their own filters, and are finding satisfaction and confidence using them. Filters remove the smell and discoloration issues.

Southern Granville County needs all the help they can muster, and if not now, when? Maybe it’s time for a new House representative to aggressively represent Granville County?

John Mayo